Making Sense of Faith in God

  • Defends belief in God from an unashamedly liberal perspective.
  • Short but comprehensive account of the case for believing in God without buying into unconvincing dogmas.
  • Offers the uncommitted a way to see faith in God as a natural, rational thing to do in the light of evidence and modern knowledge.
  • Responds to science-based atheists by showing how belief in God, far from opposing science, is a prerequisite for it and provides better accounts of values and morality.
  • Rejects modern atheism and Christian fundamentalism as mirror images of each other, offering instead an open-minded, enquiring engagement with the divine.

Many people’s understanding of the world does not include God. A number of ‘new atheist’ authors claim that science can explain how the universe works without any need for the divine.

A great number of people, faced with the choice between rejecting modern scientific knowledge or all awareness of the divine, choose from a range of vaguely ‘spiritual’ practices and ideas.

Making Sense of Faith in God, as the title indicates, offers a different alternative: to reject neither reason nor God, because believing in God makes sense.

Spiritual awareness is back. Gone are the days when belief in God seemed to be dying out. But simply reaffirming older religious beliefs will not meet our present needs. Instead we need to explore how spiritual reality can affirm modern knowledge and help us make sense of the universe and our place in it. This book explores the main reasons for believing, including design, values, morality and religious experience. It shows how our lives as we experience them make far better sense in the context of a divine being than without one.

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