Good God

Green Theology and the Value of Creation

Why should I care for the environment? Why does western society cause so much environmental damage, despite the fact that we now know how much harm we are doing? What difference does it make if we believe the world has been created by a good God who does everything for the best, and has designed the environment to meet our needs?

Good God examines our inherited value judgements about the world and their roots in different theories of creation. It explores the relationship between value judgements, cosmology and ethics, and uses theology to argue that we should defend the natural order against ecological destruction. In practical terms this implies a ‘green’ agenda for social objectives, quite distinct from the left-right spectrum of modern political discourse.

By mercilessly exposing inconsistencies in the Christian tradition, the author undermines virtually the whole of what Christianity stands for in the modern West. In asking what it is about modern technological society that makes us so determined to destroy our natural environment, he puts the blame largely on the mechanistic paradigm of modern secular thought. Paradoxically, he then uses modern biblical scholarship to show how this alternative account, often condemned as pagan, is in fact a major theme of the bible

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