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What makes Hell so much more fun than Heaven?

Natural Theology and the state of the world

The Resurrection: help or hindrance to faith?

What is Christianity for anyway?

Natural theology, the Bible and the Church

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Natural theology

Natural theology, the Bible and the Church

Apologetics without apology

Grace and truth

Satan, devils and hell

On enjoying the fear of hell

Why Christians shouldn’t believe in the devil

Satan, evil and a merciless God

Hell: the worst theory ever

Demons are bad news: can we do without them?

God and suffering

The tsunami and God

Why did God allow those storms?

Why does God allow evil?

Ivan Karamazov and God’s goodness

Theology and the Church

What do we expect of church leaders?Do they have a duty to uphold what they may not believe themselves?

On the popularity of religious leaders

Who wants to be evangelized?

What needs to be freshly expressed?On Fresh Expressions

Bless youon blessing people

Unable on grounds of theological conviction. An issue regarding women bishops.

Allah and God. On praying to you think you know who.

The divine and the communion rail

Rev’s priesthood

Smug Christians and Jewish sacrifices

Theology and social issues

Priests and economics

Miraculous holiness. On the tendency to be impressed by the miraculous.

Sacrifices then and now

Why pray for the poor at Christmas?

God, poverty and economic imperatives

On giving the dead a good send-off

Life: contract or gift?

Bishops and governments on Iraq

Wealth, generosity and the labourers in the vineyard

Food, the Pope and justice


The Resurrection: who cares?

Resurrection and kingdom

The kingdom of God: what did Jesus mean?

Belief and unbelief

Degenerate atheism

On the modern concept of religion: a 3-part series

Is religion irrelevant?

What does religion tell us?

Which is the true religion?

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