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Responding to sexual abuse

The recent revelations of sexual abuse horrify us, particularly when the victims were children. It is one thing to feel horrified, another to respond in a constructive way. Much of the public response has sounded to me like Guardian readers … Continue reading

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Steve Chalke, Pompeii and the clobber texts on sex

Steve Chalke’s new video analyses the New Testament ‘clobber texts’ on homosexuality in the light of artefacts reclaimed from under the volcanic lava at Pompeii. If you want to see lots of artistic representations of male genitals and sex acts, … Continue reading

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Homophobia and the changing Christian mood

Is the Christian obsession with same-sex partnerships declining? Outside the churches people are puzzled why it is such a thorny issue. It is to be discussed (again!) at a conference on 10th-11th April, hosted by Oasis. Oasis is the organisation … Continue reading

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Popes, archbishops and sex

New pope, new archbishop. They both face major problems, and high on the list is sex. As an Anglican it seems to me that Justin’s problems are not as great: the controversy over gay marriages does undermine Anglicanism’s credibility, but … Continue reading

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