Isaiah and society’s agenda

Where are you? About maps and what they imply about us.

Were our hunter-gatherer ancestors violent?

Art, religion and subversion

The purposes of education

Migrants and moral denunciation

From tooth fairy to God

Where do we need to go? On transport.

Who needs moral disgust?

Old age: what next?

Why should I care about you?

Environmental issues

The more we destroy the less we care

Salford fracking – why protest?

Green crap, blue screen of death

Protest and order. Commentary on the fracking protest at Salford.

Illegal law and police brutality at Barton Moss

Humanity and nature: who is in control?

Spirituality and the environment

Twenty’s plenty. On speed.


We all need somewhere to live. On attitudes to immigrants.

Hard work is not a virtue

Work as a virtue

Why society needs gratitude

Houses are for living in


Rochester’s white van man and jittery politicians

Scotland, hope and power

Vote for God

Don’t vote the way you always do

Protest parties

Election post-mortem: End of an era? After the May 2014 Euro-elections

Democracy and bias: Not just the BBC

War and peace

Bishops and governments on Iraq

Iraq: who should stand idly by?

The following are primarily on economic themes:

Life: contract or gift?

Priests and economics

Gift and gratitude

Our competitors

Thatcher divided my life


Justin Welby v. Wonga

Sacrifices then and now

Would God frack?

Respect and the homeless. Commentary on Sam Wells’ Archbishop Blanch lecture.

Ama Twirly? Buses and symbols of inferior status.

Growth and poverty then and now

Scraping by on £4 million a year

The waitress at the banquet

The economy was made for the people, not people for the economy

We don’t need to delay retirement

Why pray for the poor at Christmas?

Don’t deify the market

Soul-destroying selling

The Church, politics and food banks

1930s Germany, Britain today

Families v. finance. On a political debate.

The economy makes an oppressive god

Moneyoholics anonymous

The bishops: the real opposition? On poverty and food banks.

Positive money

God, poverty and economic imperatives

Work and jobs: what’s the connection?

Statins and profits

What incentivises you?

Food banks and economic myths

Wealth, generosity and the labourers in the vineyard

The Chancellor versus the charities

Bread and circuses

Food, the Pope and justice

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