The State We’re In: is God the problem or the answer?

Morality One of the Why Believe In God series

 The following are blog posts

Religious exceptions How much respect should the religious conscience be given by a secular state?

Why give to someone rich?

Breakfast and possibly bed On refusing accommodation to a gay couple.

Archbishops, minorities and schismatics How standards change.

Mandela’s virtues and his Christianity

Nigerian legislation against gays

Hard work is not a virtue

Is justice just? On being ripped off.

What incentivises you?

Work as a virtue

Assisted dying

Assisted dying and the onward march of technology

Assisted dying and the sanctity of life

Assisted dying and the spookiness of death

Assisted dying and medical technology

Assisted dying and the law

Assisted dying: must people suffer?

The definition of marriage an issue in the Church of England

Who needs moral disgust?

Downs syndrome abortion

Wealth, generosity and the labourers in the vineyard

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