The new liberalism

Faith for the Third Millennium

As the new millennium begins, is there to be a revival of religious faith? Will Christians have a part to play in it? If so, will it be dominated by Christianity’s more authoritarian and illiberal versions, or will there be a revival of openness and a new willingness to ask questions and relate people’s faith to their experience of life?

The New Liberalism has been published by the Modern Churchpeople’s Union to commemorate its Centenary Year in 1998. It shows how Christian thought at its best can respond fearlessly to the challenges facing religious belief.

Throughout the twentieth century religious belief has faced the twin accusations of being untrue and irrelevant. Its defenders have been tempted to evade the challenges by restricting religion to an otherworldly realm, distant from people’s real needs, where doctrines are to be accepted without question. In this book a variety of contributors encourage believers to regain confidence, unafraid to ask their deepest questions and relate their faith to the issues facing our society today.

The Modern Churchpeople’s Union (now Modern Church) was founded in 1898. It aims to promote within the Church a constructive engagement with the findings of biblical and theological research. Accordingly, it recognizes that Church doctrines have often changed in the light of new circumstances and insights, and believes that continuing change should be welcomed as an essential part of a living faith.

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