Natural theology, the Bible and the Church . Which counts more in the Church, the Bible or reason?

Pilling’s Progress: cairns on a mountain path . Commentary and critique of the Church of England’s Pilling Report. December 2013.

Identity and truth . Belonging or believing: which determines the Church’s character?

The Anglican Covenant. I wrote a lot about this. It’s mainly on the Modern Church site. One place to start is here .

Women’s ministry

Women bishops and valid sacraments

Women bishops and catholicity

Blog posts

On the popularity of religious leaders

The divine and the communion rail

Religious exceptions . How much respect should the religious conscience be given by a secular state?

What do we expect of church leaders? Do they have a duty to uphold what they may not believe themselves?

What needs to be freshly expressed? On Fresh Expressions

Who wants to be evangelized?

Change and danger . Women bishops as a threat.

Atheists support Back to Church Sunday

Archbishops, minorities and schismatics. How standards change

Be careful, they may be Christians

The Church, politics and food banks

Baptism and evil

Why go to church anyway?

Churches: believing, expressing, relating

The bishops: the real opposition? On poverty and food banks.

Church teaching and the general understanding of marriage

Does worship need believable creeds?

Does the Church still need parishes?

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