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Why Christians should vote for a different government. 15) Votes

This post is the last in my series summarising some of the arguments in my new book Why Progressives Need God. An election looms. How do we decide who to vote for?

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Vote for policies

Vote for Policies is up and running for the 2015 UK General Election. As in 2010, it gives you a list of policies on each of ten policy areas, you say which one you like best, and at the end … Continue reading

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Don’t vote the way you always do

Last week I had a conversation with a friend which disturbed me. It was a classic story. She always votes Labour. Why? That’s what her family has always done. Horror of horrors, her daughter, just old enough to vote, is … Continue reading

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Vote for God

Super Thursday wasn’t, after all, as unsuper as predicted. Quite a few people voted. Even so, we cannot help wondering. In some countries people lose their lives campaigning for the right to vote. In others they can vote, and queue … Continue reading

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