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Why progressives need God

This is an edited version of the talk I gave at St Denys Bookshop in Manchester, on 30th September. It describes my new book Why Progressives Need God, and why I wrote it. My background is in liberal theology. For … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower and Hillsborough: who is to blame?

28 years on, six people are to be prosecuted for the Hillsborough tragedy. What, just six? Is that justice? Is nobody else to blame? What about the more widespread culture of mutual support and avoiding blame, among the police just … Continue reading

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President Trump: some distheological causes

Syriza, Podemos, Le Pen, Brexit, now Trump. What’s happening? As long as the debates are conducted in black and white, each side too angry too understand the other, we will not find a satisfactory way forward. This post describes some … Continue reading

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Godless morality, empty or full

People who don’t believe in God can live good moral lives every bit as well as believers can. Most people accept this. It’s not controversial. Indeed they can live better lives than believers who are only ‘good’ to avoid divine … Continue reading

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Selfish genes and the contradictions of sociobiology

Are all our moral beliefs misleading products of evolution? Do all our judgements of right and wrong really come from genes busy making us maximise our offspring? The idea has become part of the culture that tells us we are … Continue reading

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Don’t deify the market

Malcolm Brown, the Director of Mission and Public Affairs for the Church of England, has written an interesting article about morality and the market in the economy. He describes his experience in inner-city Southampton where

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