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Corbyn voters: supporters or entryists?

The Labour MP Simon Danczuk has called on the Party to cancel the leadership elections , claiming ‘infiltration’ by those who were ‘not genuine party supporters’. Apparently the Party has rejected 271 applications from people who in the May election … Continue reading

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Aspiration and absurdity

Existentialist angst: life is absurd. We fill our days doing things we consider necessary or important, but when we stop and think about it, nothing matters. According to Sartre, we choose our own values but our choice is itself groundless, … Continue reading

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The Church of England, the Labour Party and the Ghost of Ivan Illich

At the moment the Labour Party is sounding very much like the Church of England. Failure, disappointment. What have we been doing wrong? How can we turn the tables and grow again? Leading figures say Miliband was too left wing … Continue reading

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Life: contract or gift?

A Labour Party thinktank is proposing closer links between welfare benefits and contributions, through altering the system for national insurance contributions. The inevitable political quote goes: Senior figures believe that Labour must counter the impression that it supports a “something … Continue reading

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