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Museums and messages

On Saturday we visited the Acropolis Museum in Athens. It is beautifully laid out, and naturally its artistic merit is unmistakeable. But there is more to it. It was not built to be art for art’s sake. Just as Plato … Continue reading

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Life: contract or gift?

A Labour Party thinktank is proposing closer links between welfare benefits and contributions, through altering the system for national insurance contributions. The inevitable political quote goes: Senior figures believe that Labour must counter the impression that it supports a “something … Continue reading

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Why society needs gratitude

It’s an old story but worth repeating. Two peasant farmers quarrelled about the boundary between their fields. They went to the wise old man of the village and asked him to adjudicate. He went to the fields with them, knelt … Continue reading

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Gift and gratitude

You are visiting relatives, and as you arrive you give the little girl a present: some crayons and drawing paper. She goes off to a table, too busy to offer the ‘thank you’ expected by her parents, and starts drawing. … Continue reading

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