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Are liberals illiberal about women priests?

Exclusive inclusives! Intolerant tolerance! When Philip North announced his withdrawal from the post of Bishop of Sheffield, it was open season for his supporters to accuse liberals of being illiberal. This post is a defence of liberalism, inclusiveness and tolerance.

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Sheffield’s women and Christian sacraments

This is the third of three blog posts responding to the appointment of Philip North, an opponent of women priests, as Bishop of Sheffield. In the first I described Martyn Percy’s argument that the appointment should not proceed as long … Continue reading

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Sheffield’s women: who should tolerate what?

Outcry all round. Philip North, the suffragan Bishop of Burnley who opposes the ordination of women, is to become the next Bishop of Sheffield. This is the first of three posts on the subject. It is a diocesan post, so … Continue reading

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Here we go again

‘My primary feeling on reading the document was “here we go again”‘, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes remarks on her excellent response to the latest report from the Church of England’s House of Bishops on the apparently never-ending issue of same-sex relationships. The … Continue reading

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How do bishops move?

This post is at Laura Sykes’ request. In a Facebook dialogue she published a cartoon, as below, mentioning that bishops move diagonally. I haven’t completely forgotten my chess-playing days, so here is some more information. It may or may not … Continue reading

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Liberal theology and bishops’ beliefs

Should bishops publicly state their religious beliefs, even when they differ from church teachings? Rowan Williams, when he became Archbishop of Canterbury in 2003, as an Anglican Catholic took the view that his duty was to represent the faith of … Continue reading

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