Demons are bad news: can we do without them?


On a family disagreement on evil spirits, and why it is not a good idea to believe in them.
A short while ago I received this message from a correspondent:

I do not believe in a devil, or demons. This difference in belief has lead to various familial arguments I'd rather avoided, but could not.

The Kingdom of God: what did Jesus mean?

Christ Pantocrator

What Jesus meant by the Kingdom of God has been debated endlessly. The way I was first taught it, it sounded boring and irrelevant. Now I find it challenging and important. Read more...

Who needs moral disgust?

The Sun

Shocking, isn’t it? The popular British newspaper The Sun revealed on Friday that a British girl on holiday in Magaluf performed sex acts on 24 men in a night club.  ‘Binge-drink Brits’ have sunk to a ‘new low’, according to the front page.
The point of the article was that the reader should be disgusted. Two Guardian columnists, Holly Baxter and Laurie Penny, did indeed express disgust, but at The Sun rather than the girl. Read more...

Assisted Dying and the onward march of technology


Assisted Dying bill and the sanctity of life: where are the ethical limits to the uses of new technology?

Next Friday Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill is to be debated in the House of Lords.
Today’s Daily Mail has a long article describing George Carey’s change of mind. The former archbishop, who retired in 2002, has a record of public interventions on topical issues. Unusually, this time he is on the side of public opinion: he now supports a change in the law. Read more...

Ivan Karamazov and God's goodness


Why does God allow suffering? Did Ivan Karamazov get it wrong?

Where do we need to go?


Are transport policies really about where we need to go?

Democracy and bias: not just the BBC

Austerity march

Complaints about increasing BBC bias may be true but the problem is wider